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Shul Hall Refurbishment

The Executive have decided that its time to upgrade the Shul Hall & Kitchen to bring it into the modern era and to utilise this excellent asset to its best potential. There is constant demand from our members and the wider Kehilla for a modern and bright community hall for simchas, functions and meetings and the Exec believe that its about time that we made this happen. 

We were advised that the most effective way to refurbish the hall and to create a more usable space would require structural work to redesign the current layout. We are creating a rectangular shape hall rather than the 'L' shape that existed.


In order to achieve this, the storeroom was opened up whilst also incorporating part of the hallway beyond the main doors to the Shul (past the women's staircase) to provide as clean a rectangle shape as possible.


Schedule of works include:

  • Structural work to create the rectangle shape, utilising a large amount of new steel supports;

  • Entrance and hallway (new)

  • LVT flooring;

  • Air conditioning;

  • Electrics;

  • Heating;

  • Lighting of Hall area and outside car park area

  • Kitchen with new storage/equipment and worktops

  • Men's and Disabled toilets refurb

If you would like to contribute to the renovation of the new shul hall or any donations for the upkeep and maintenance can be made here and are greatly appreciated.


Progress Timeline

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