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Our Kehilla has a glorious history, going back over 120 years, built on the solid foundations of Torah Im Derech Eretz. But sadly, our present building leaves much to be desired. Fixtures and fittings are all original, but looking very tired and in urgent need of updating and modernising. No major redecoration have ever been undertaken and this is very much overdue!

For the first time in over 60 years, since moving into our Vine Street premises, we all now have a unique opportunity to play a part in these much needed renovations.

B"H we have seen a major resurgence and growth in our Kehilla and the time is now right to transform our Shul into a beautiful Mokem Tefillah - attractive for our present members and a magnet for future ones.

Let us all work together towards our common goal, to daven in a bekovadik building which will iy"H be filled with the sound of our tefillos and Torah learning every day of the week - a Mikdosh Me'at which we can all be proud of.

This is a one-off opportunity, so please contribute as generously as possible! Help to play a vital part in the continued revival of our Kehilla. In this zechus, may we all be blessed with mazel, brochoh v'hatzlochoh and may our Kehilla continue to grow m'chayil l'chayil.

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