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Shabbos morning (every alternate week) The Rov's pre-Shacharis Parsha Shiur 8.45-9.15 am 

Shabbos afternoon- The Rov's Gemorroh Shiur before Mincha

Shabbos afternoon- (Spring/Summer)
Weekly Pirkei Ovus Shiur following Mincha given by the Rov and guest speakers on alternate weeks

Sunday to Thursday - Chaburah with Reb Zecharia Dzialowski following Mincha & Maariv

Sunday to Thursday- Chaburah with Reb Dovid Roberts 8.30-9.45 pm for bochurim and young men

Monday and Thursday nights- Rob Yossi Roberts Gemorroh Shiur for Bal Habatim following Mincha & Maariv

Wednesday nights- The Rov's Gemorroh and Halocho Shiur following Mincha & Maariv 

Thursday nights- The Rov's Parsha Shiur and shmooze with young marrieds.
8.45 pm 

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