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June 7th 2021

Evening of Hespedim for Reb Lippa Rabinowitz zs'l

An evening of Hespedim, jointly hosted by our Shul and Manchester Mesivta was held for our former esteemed Rov (and school Principal) in the main Shul. Over 140 people attended in person and many more watched online in the UK, Israel and USA on who live streamed the evening.

Reb Elozor Stefansky shlita chaired the evening and spoke about the loss of such a true Torah giant and manhig to our Shul and school as well as the immeasurable impact he had on us all. He then introduced the guest speakers ; Harav Gavriel Knopfler Rosh Hayeshiva Shaarei Torah, a video message from Harav Avrohom Gurwicz (Gateshead Rosh Hayeshiva) Rabbi A Z Herman (school) Rabbi E Shwalbe (school) as well as Rabbi Moshe Rabinowitz (son) It was a very fitting way to mark the life of Reb Lippa and the evening was a big success. The recording can be watched online (please see our home page for the link)

April 13, 2019

Shul Matzah Bake

Once again, members of the Shul came together to join in our second annual pre-Pesach Matzah Baking Experience at MH Shul on Sunday 14th April 2019. Proceedings began in shul with a practical Halochoh shiur by our Rov, before heading out to the bakery behind MH Shul.


There were approximately 30 members who joined in b'achdus and ensured the production line worked smoothly, drawing on their skills learned from last year. Many matzos were produced on the night, with members taking them home to use on Seder night!

Sadly there was no rekidah, much to the dismay of our Chief Rekidah Starter, Ruben Smith!

November 28, 2018

Vine Street Gala Dinner

To celebrate the restoration of our Shul and in honour of החבר Moshe and Leah Gross, a Gala Dinner was held on Wednesday 28th November 2018 in the Hilton Suite.


Attended by over 300 people from all over the Kehilla and indeed the world, the dinner was held to celebrate the completion of the Shul renovations after 1 year spent in the hall while the works were taking place - the first major work since 1953! The Shul is 130 years old this year and is the oldest non-affiliated shul in Manchester.


Shortly before the dinner, Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu and Chief Rabbi Efraim Mirvis affixed mezuzos to the new parts of the Shul. A Siyum Mishnayos also took place, where Rabbi Stefansky was mesayem. After a small l'chaim, participants proceeded to the Hilton Suite for the main event which was led by our President, Ruben Smith.


Guests also came to honour esteemed members, Moishe and Leah Gross, in order to pay tribute for all the work they do in our community. The presence of a large number of Rabbonim enhanced this special occasion. Moishe was awarded the covted title of החבר and presented with a framed certificate by Dayan Berger of the Manchester Beis Din.

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