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2017 Purim Raffle

This Purim, as well as having a thoroughly enjoyable time, we will be selling raffle tickets (as pictured below) to help our Shul reach a target of £450,000 to renovate our historic and ageing (old and run down) building to bring it in line with our young-ish vibrant congregation.

The prizes are all brilliant! You know, you drink too much fancy wine you end up having a baby and need a new car seat and then you realise what happened and you think 'oy vey I should have gone to The Village Optician'.

So here are the prizes:

1st prize: a case of one of the finest kosher wines on the market Isaac's Ram Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

2nd prize: something every couple of child bearing age needs. The Doona. The greatest baby product ever invented!

3rd prize: a £150 voucher to spend at The Village Optician's on Prestwich Village. This voucher can be used on anything in the shop EXCEPT for contact lenses.

Tickets are £10 each but for every 3 tickets you purchase you get a FREE TICKET!!.

To buy tickets, please call/text either of the 2 phone numbers shown on the poster above.

Alternatively, you can pay via any credit/debit card by clicking on the button below . Please make sure you provide your name, address and phone number in the notes section before you pay. The amount you pay will tell us how many tickets you've bought.

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